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Train Your Body to Burn Fat All the Time – Even When You’re Not Exercising

Imagine flicking a switch inside your body that told it to stop making fat – AND burn off all the excess fat you currently had… Now you’re starting to get the picture…

Fat Burning Cardio – Looking For Some Fat Burning Cardio Workouts?

Most people who want to lose weight know what they need – fat burning cardio. It is a fat burning cardio workout that will help to peel off the pounds of unwanted fat and get your body into a lean mean, great looking machine. So, this may have you looking for some fat burning cardio workouts.

The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic means “in the presence of oxygen.” Aerobic exercise is done in rhythmic form and enables various organs such as heart and lungs to supply more oxygen to every part of the body. Not only your heart muscles become stronger with regular aerobic exercises, it pumps more blood with each stroke. As a result, a person doing aerobic exercises can work faster and work for longer duration as compared to those, who don’t do any exercise at all.

Tips For Injury Free Running

Contrary to popular belief, running should not hurt your body. It is the way you run that is doing the damage and causing pain. Sadly, for many runners, injury becomes a regular inconvenience and a way of life, something that just has to be dealt with and endured.

Bodyweight Cardio and Abdominal Workout

Last night was a non-gym day for me which meant that I was supposed to perform some type of light activity (I didn’t have to do it but I felt like I needed some adrenaline rush to put a nice end to the day). So, instead of hopping on the treadmill which meant I had to go to the gym and deal with the rain, I turned to one of Craig Ballantyne’s newest invention – bodyweight cardio.

A Lesson in Cardiovascular Exercise Vocabulary

Words like “fat-burning,” “aerobic,” “anaerobic,” and “cardio” often leave the average exerciser or the gym newcomer wondering just what to do on a piece of cardio equipment. A smiling, bubbly aerobics instructor stops halfway through class to take a “heart rate check,” but what does that really tell you? The ferocious Spinning instructor keeps referring to “Energy Zones,” but what is he talking about? Perhaps these definitions and explanations will help clear up your confusion.

Are You Also Tired of the 3 Sets of 10 Repetitions?

Are you also tired of doing the same old 3 times 10 sets of workout? Try a number of alternative workout exercises and variations to your workout program. Change your workout routines and you will get better results.

Office Cardio Exercise Improves Job Performance

Office cardio exercise can be the solution for many employers who are looking to cut costs and improve workplace productivity. Employers need more done in less time, with fewer employees on the payroll. Workplace exercise routines can energize employees, optimizing their work time and delivering great results. Employee exercise can boost endorphin levels, relieving stress and providing a boost to their self-confidence, which can benefit job performance.

Gain Cardio Fitness With a Home Gym

Cardio fitness can be so much easier with a home gym. Why spend money on memberships when you can organize a home gym to meet their cardio fitness needs that is open 24 hours a day, with no waiting for a favorite machine?

Exposed Myths of Cardio Training

Many people fall victim to the myths and misconceptions that revolve around cardio training. Myths about cardio training can cause havoc to a beginner’s exercise regimen. Discover the truth about cardio training, and optimize exercise for better health.

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