🔴 Kettlebell Workout #153 – Russian Biathlon For 30 Minutes

Aerobic Exercise and the FITT Principle

Cardiorespiratory fitness best describes the health and function of the heart, lungs and circulatory system. Cardiorespiratory fitness also describes the capacity of the lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the blood, and the transportation of nutrients and waste products to and from the body’s active tissues. Other terms used and applied to the exercise environment are cardiovascular fitness, aerobic endurance and aerobic capacity.

How To Perform Cardio-Boxing For Super Fitness

Ever wondered why most sports scientists agree that cardio-boxing is one of the best forms of exercise available, In this article we will have a look at the benefits and how to peform the cardio and the boxing.

How Pole Dancing Thrust Itself into the Mainstream to Become One of the Hottest Fitness Trends

Fitness Pole Dancing has appeared on the mainstream arena mainly through word of mouth, websites on the net, pop videos and the massive rise in lap and table dancing clubs all over the world. Think how successful The Spearmint Rhino chain of table dancing clubs are. Its now cool to be a Pole Dancer. The Media hooks onto this concept and before you know it every sexy, cool celeb from Angelina Joile (cool celeb of the moment) to Sadie Frost to Zoe Ball apparently have poles at home and are busy spinning and swinging around looking trim, toned and sexy. The Pussy Cat Dolls are now number 1 all over the world and entertaining the men is hitting the mainstream. Even Oprah has featured Pole Dancing on the show. Pole Dancers have that certain something, they are athletic, sexy, spontaneous, almost circus like in their act as men gaze admirable on. Pole Dancing is an art form, you need strength, flexibility and the ability to express yourself through dance and fitness.

Rebounding To Better Health

Ever heard of rebounding? Rebounding is a fun way to get great exercise using small controlled movements on a mini trampoline.

Best Cardio Exercises

These are some of the best exercise and cardiovascular fitness exercises that get you to your ideal target heart rate for maximum benefits.

No More Heart Disease – How Nitric Oxide can Change Your Life

How Nitric Oxide can prevent – even reverse – heart disease & stroke, make you feel better and change the quality of your life.

Cardio Fitness

Cardio is important for both weight loss and good cardiovascular health. Some body builders forget the importance of cardio, because they don’t want to lose muscle mass as a result. Here is a list of reasons why you should keep up to date with your cardio workouts.

Body Sensing for Maximum Results

Did you know your mind may not be in tune with your body’s abilities and this might be the ONLY reason you are not in the shape you want to be in? You may want to run a marathon, but your body is only ready for a 10K. You may want to run 4 laps around the track, but your body is only ready to run 1 1/2 and walk the other 2 1/2.

Have The Perfect Workout On An Elliptical – 7 Ways

Workouts can be fun! Find out how …

7 Reasons to Add Cardio Training to Your Workout

If you’re a weight-training enthusiast, no doubt you know the benefits to be gained from building strong muscles. But, is cardio training part of your workout, too? If it’s not, you should consider adding it to your routine.

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