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When Is the Best Time of Day to Do Cardio Exercise?

When is the best time of day to do cardio, and why? Learn how by simply changing the time of day that you exercise or workout, you can completely transform your body and maximize your training efforts. Start working out smarter, not harder and see results more quickly.

50+ Fitness Without Injury – Understand the 5 Phases Of Your Cardiovascular Exercise Workout

Many people, especially those ages 50+ start an cardiovascular exercise program with great intentions and then suddenly quit. Usually, they quit because of injury and pain which happens before they see any results. These five functional phases of an cardiovascular exercise session are condensed from proven scientific studies and the American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines. When followed at each workout they will give optimal results and minimize the chance of injury during exercise.

Lose Weight and Get in the Best Shape of Your Life, Easily!

An elliptical cross training machine is the best type of exercise equipment for both weight loss and general fitness. This all in one machine is one of the most popular types of equipment in the gym today.

Cardiovascular Routines

One of the highly recommended ways to losing weight is to adopt a handful of cardiovascular routines. There is a whole list of such exercises, which will hone your body; all the while you are having fun doing the exercise. Swimming is considered to be amongst the best cardiovascular exercises for everyone, since water has the tendency to lower the tension on your body.

Performing Cardio Without Running

There are many ways to perform great cardio without resorting to running. Here are some variations perfect for you to try.

Low Intensity Workout Advice

Every workout routine on the market isn’t right for every person. When you begin a workout after a long hiatus or if you’ve never exercised in your life, you shouldn’t go all out on your first day of training. The best approach is to participate in a low intensity workout for at least 40 minutes. This is to ensure that you don’t overwork your muscles and become a victim of mental burnout.

Spice Up Your Treadmill Workouts

With a treadmill you can get a great workout. Unfortunately, running on a treadmill can be boring because the scenery doesn’t change, and it feels as though you are running to nowhere.

The Numerous Health Benefits of Jogging

Running has many benefits, including burning extra calories in addition to the 2,000 calories you naturally burn per day. The amount of calories you burn while running varies. A good gauge is 100 calories per mile. So if you run three miles you’ll lose 300 calories and if you run five miles you’ll lose 500 calories. With proper diet, the extra calorie loss per day will make you lose weight.

Flat Stomach Exercises – Show Off Your Abs

If you are looking to get a flat stomach, there are some different exercises that you can do that will help you out. There are three primary flat stomach exercises that will help get your stomach flat and show off your abs.

An Introduction to Jogging

Jogging is one of the best exercise workouts you can participate in. Not only do joggers see immediate results in their outer appearance, they also feel a change physically.

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