How to Figure Out How Much Intensity You Need in Your Workout

You want to lose weight or maybe your doctor has mentioned that taking better care of your cardiovascular system would be a wise choice for you to make. The easiest way to get started is with fitness walking. It is cheap, simple and easy to do when and where you have time.

Aerobics – How to Succeed – Part 4

This Article completes the study of Aerobic Exercise, and moves on to consider the concept of Aerobic Capacity. This relates to the functional capacity of the cardiorespiratory system, which includes the heart, lungs and blood vessels. It then discusses the VO2 max test, which measures the maximum aerobic capacity of an individual, in terms of what it represents and how it is actually measured. It concludes by considering other methods of measuring aerobic capacity, such as The Cooper Test and The Multi-Stage Fitness Test.

Give Walking Or Jogging a Try

We hear so much about this abdominal machine or that home gym, the list of fitness products and fads simply goes on and on but all medical and health practitioners know that the easiest way to get active is to simply put your foot down. All you need is the will and the motivation to do it.

Why Conditioning Isn’t Just Cardio

Many in the fitness industry think that “conditioning” is just “cardio”. However, they neglect the strength, power, and muscular components of endurance. Are you in your cardio workouts?

How Hard Work = Better Cardio Workouts

They say it’s better to work smart than to work hard. But when it comes to your cardio workouts, that might not be the case…

Why ‘easier’ Cardio Isn’t ‘better’ Cardio

It’s always better to work “smarter” than to work “harder”. But when it comes to your cardio workouts, sometimes working “smarter” means working “easier”. And working “easier” leads to poor cardio results. Find out why…

Why Doing More Work Increases Your Cardio

The fitness industry wants you to believe that you can build a great body with little work. Well, with cardio workouts, this just isn’t always the case. Find out what “work capacity” is, and why increasing it is so important to having good cardio.

Don’t Screw Up Your Interval Training

As great as interval training is for cardio workouts, do you ever wonder why some people get terrible results from it? Find out why, and how to make sure you don’t.

What to Watch For When Doing Interval Training

HIIT – aka Interval Training – is becoming more and more popular in fitness circles. It is known to be a highly effective method of cardio training, burning fat, and increasing performance. But if that’s the case, then why do so many people who do HIIT get only mediocre results in their cardio workouts?

Cardio Distance Vs Cardio Intensity

When it comes to doing cardio workouts, there are two basic methods you can use – LSD and HIIT. LSD = Long Slow Distance. A perfect example is jogging for a few miles.

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