Aerobics – The Ultimate Secret to Fat Loss

Aerobic exercise is the real secret to losing body fat. Except for the genetically gifted people who appear to have been “born ripped,” it’s extremely difficult – if not impossible – to lose fat permanently with diet alone. Dieting without exercising is one of the major reasons for the 95% failure rate of weight loss programs today.

Burn Calories by Walking

Do you want to lose weight? Are you overweight or obese and want to lose weight the easy and healthiest way? Or do you just want to get fit and healthy so you can have a nice body and complexion? If you do, then walking is one of the best way to lose weight and burn calories!

How to Boost Your Fitness Levels With Cardio Exercises

You will probably find that after doing a cardio exercise program consistently for any length of time that you will eventually reach a plateau. Therefore, in order to maintain motivation and momentum you need to inject a little variety into your routine. A good way of doing this would be to set yourself a goal for example, taking a part in a 10K run or even a marathon.

Here Are 5 Unbelievable Ways to Improve Cardiovascular Health, and Look & Feel Amazing!

Ever wonder why the most fit athletes share a common shape, image. These people train under very strict conditions, eat a certain way and maintain high standards when it comes to their lifestyle.

Ab Circle Pro Review – Does the Ab Circle Machine Work?

There are a wide range of workout systems available in the market of Ab exercises. The repeated discussions are still going whether the machines are really worth to buy and yield the expected results…

Women – Cut the Cardio

Why you aren’t getting the Results you Want in the Gym. Ladies, if you regularly attend a gym, I want to congratulate you. You’re doing more to get or keep the figures of your dreams then most of the female population.

What is the Difference Between Training Types?

For many of us, the gym and our training sessions are a big part of our lives. We are quite proud of the fact that we workout (or train) at least a few times a week and are quite happy with the results that we have gotten from our regular sessions of cardio and weight training. However, not all training is created equally and, while it is true that doing a little bit of training is better than living a sedentary lifestyle, where sitting on the couch is the only activity we do all day, the fact remains that there are, indeed, quite a few different levels of training.

Basic Steps in Step Aerobics – Magical Tips For Reducing Your Weight

Step Aerobics is basically the extension of the floor aerobics and for performing the exercises on this fitness program an elevated platform is used. The craze of step aerobics is increasing among women because it can really help them to tone down their problem areas like thighs, hips, legs and stomach. Stretching and cardio exercises are also performed during the sessions in order to provide your body a complete workout. People who do not have the time to join a gym can perform the step aerobic exercises at home with the help of special tapes which can be played on the television.

Tabata – A Four Minute Workout That Improves Anaerobic Capacity by 28% and Aids Fat Loss

The concept is simple. You work at a 100% intensity for 20 seconds, and this is followed by a ten second rest, then you repeat 7 more times. So it takes 4 minutes not including warm up or cool down (and you must do this, especially the cool down, don’t just come to an instant halt).

Cardiovascular Exercise – How is Your Cardio?

Cardiovascular exercise is the most important aspect of overall health and fitness. Many people could get more out of their workouts if they knew where to start or how to do it better.

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