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Swimming Cardio Workouts

If you want to improve your cardio vascular function and overall fitness but can’t abide the idea of running or circuit training then swimming cardio workouts may be just the thing you’re looking for. The advantage of swimming cardio workouts is that nearly everyone has a nearby public indoor swimming pool and you can use it in all weathers. Check whether they have school parties booked in and avoid those times.

Cardio Workouts That Burn Fat – HIIT Is the Winner!

Many people believe that there are many cardio workouts that burn fat, when in fact that is not the case. Long, steady cardio workouts are not as effective as another type of cardio workout. This type of cardio can be completed in 15-20 minutes if you want to!

Cardio Training 101 – What You Should Know

A most overused word in the fitness world is cardiovascular training or CV training. Yet despite its popularity, very few people understand what CV exercise is and what benefits we derive from it.

8 Tips For Staying Motivated When Jogging!

Motivation is the key to successful and efficient jogging! It can be the determining factor in whether you quit or persist! Make sure you stay on tract using these 8 tips that will help you stay motivated!

Cardio Circuit Training Workouts

Cardio circuit training workouts are a great form of exercise; good for the heart and circulatory system, good for muscle building and toning and great for keeping your weight under control. Another fantastic thing about cardio circuit training workouts is that you can do them in the privacy of your own home. There’s no need to spend a fortune on gym memberships or fuel to get to said gym and what’s more working out at home saves you time.

Do Interval Training If You Must Do Cardio

I hope you have been pumping out some heavy weights recently, following my last article. This tip is going to be kept pretty short and to the point, and it will hopefully encourage you to do high intensity interval training…

Best Ways to Increase Stamina at the Gym

There are many ways that you can increase stamina at the gym. First, you have to make that commitment to show up. Stop making excuses that you don’t have time, you can’t afford it, or that you have other commitments. Carve out time in your day to go to the gym and stick to it.

Benefits of Zumba Dance – Mastering Weight Loss With Fitness Dancing

Zumba dance classes offer a new energized style of fitness for everyone. People of all ages enjoy the health benefits they get from these fast paced, Latin dance moves.

When Is The Best Time To Do Cardio?

Some people like to do their cardio workout in the morning, afternoon or maybe straight to the gym after work. Each time calories will be burning but when is the best time to burn fat?

Consider Trying Aerobics to Lose Weight

Aerobic exercise causes your heart and lungs to work hard while you work out, allowing you to lose weight and stay healthy. Consider a few ways to get aerobics in your life regularly.

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