Smart Cardio That Works

Learn how to structure your cardio for maximum results. Want to know the answer to the long and slow or short and hard cardio debate? Is there really a fat-burning zone? Read on!

Good Cardio Workouts

A cardio exercise program can lift your mood, increase your energy levels and help you to burn fat more efficiently.

Best Fat Burning Workouts on a Treadmill

This shows you how treadmill workouts can be very effective for burning body fat.

Walk For Fitness Without Injuries

Walking is one of the safest and most effective sports for fitness, but to become fit, you have to move fairly fast. You should exercise vigorously enough to increase your heart rate at least 20 beats a minute more than when you rest. Learn how you can increase your speed by taking longer steps or by moving your feet at a faster rate.

Cardio Queen Syndrome

By now you are well aware that increased activity burns calories and fat. Exercise is essential to your health and well being, but could you be taking part in too much of a good thing? The old adage, more is not always better, is a good rule to live by.

Hydration in Bodybuilding

Hydration is the secret to successful bodybuilding. Discover exactly what you need to do to keep training longer.

Tips For A Healthy Heart

Keeping our hearts healthy is important, but how do we do it? Fortunately the answers to this are very clear. Being overweight, particularly if you carry the weight around your waist, puts unnecessary strain on the heart. To find out if you have a problem you need to know your height to weight ratio (WHR). To work this out measure…

Exercises to Improve Your Health, Energy, Digestion, and Your Love of Life!

Find out the best exercise for getting more energy. Understand the basis of fitness and motivation.

Exercise and Your Anaerobic Threshold

Use your heart rate to determine if you are getting the most out of your workout.

Hill Training: Why All Runners Should Do It

Why, how and where distance runners should do hill Training

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