30 Min Full Body LOW IMPACT HIIT Workout (Burn 400+ Calories)

Nuke the Calories – The Best Cardio Workout to Burn Fat!

Are you looking for a cardio workout to torch the body fat right off of your midsection? If so then permit yourself a minute to read this article and learn about what high intensity cardio workout will help you to nuke the calories on the spot!

Dance-Inspired Class Ideas For Fitness Instructors

Fitness instructors are always looking for fun and innovative class formats for their students. If you are an instructor who likes to dance there are a variety of formats you can use to offer a dance-inspired workout. Here are some ideas that will take your class from being an ordinary workout to being part of a show!

Reasons Why Aerobic Capacity Changes With Age

There are many reasons why aerobic capacity changes with age and most of them have everything to do with the dynamism that happens in every person’s physiology. You must remember that there is nothing constant with people’s bodies. People change both internally and externally.

Aerobics Talk Test – How to Use it

For an easy way of discerning if your aerobics routine is effective, you may wish to adopt the ‘talk test’. As the name implies, it is testing your ability to talk while you are working out. If you find it difficult to talk because it makes you breathless or if you have to take a breath after each word then you are over exerting yourself. You are not pushing yourself hard enough if you can still converse easily while doing aerobics.

Interval Cardio Training For Muscle Gaining

Many people overlook the importance of cardio when they think of building muscle. They think that lifting weights and taking supplements is all there is to it.

How Varieties of Exercises Are Important to Our Health

Working out is no doubt an important aspect to a healthy life-style. But the kinds of exercises is really what is going to determine how healthy it really is for you and the benefits you get.

Heart Monitor Watch – Get in the Zone

There is so much talk about the heart monitor watch, and heart training these days. It appears you cannot do an effective work out without being bleeped at by a heart monitor watch throughout the session. But what are all these zones about and what do they mean?

Incorporating Sprints Into Your Training Routine to Really Get Abs

If all you are doing is going for a jog a couple times a week and expecting a six pack you might want to rethink your approach. How often do you get out there and actually run at full speed?

Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is sometimes misunderstood, due largely to the fact that cardiovascular fitness can be achieved in so many diverse ways, and can provide a huge range of benefits. Cardiovascular fitness is not only essential for a healthy, long life, but can afford many very worthwhile advantages that benefit everyday living, working, and even sleeping.

Cardio – The Sure Way Not to Get Ripped!

Article on cardio. Describes why it’s not the best way to get ripped.

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