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Is Barefoot Running Better Than Wearing Trainers?

In the past few decades science has played a huge part in how we run and how we can avoid running injuries. We now have running shoes that can cater for the common foot defects that can make running a pain in the..

Running Speed – 17 Tips To Run Faster Now!

If you want to improve your running speed and over all athletic performance, then read on and discover the 15 tips that will help you develop the explosiveness you will need to run faster and further with less injury. Always warm-up before the workout. The human body is more efficient when it is well prepared for the activity ahead.

Weight Loss By Running – 3 Tips To Maximize The Fat Burning Process Now!

Running is a great exercise to burn fat and to lose weight. The e more intense you run, the more calories you burn, not only fat. Your body relies on different sources of energy to get his needs met. There is no exercise regime that will only burn fat and neglect other sources of energy such as glycogen or protein. But there are some specific things you can do to make the process of fat burning more efficient and enjoyable. Therefore, here are some guidelines you need to follow if you really want to make the most of your training session without having to sacrifice unnecessary efforts or time.

Runnng Speed Secrets – Cadence Or Stride Length: Which Makes You Run Faster?

In general you can run faster by either improving your running cadence per minute or by lengthening your stride. Improving running cadence means increasing the number of steps you take each minute. This can be done by running with short and quick strides. On the other side, lengthening your running stride means forcing a longer stride than your usual one. Both techniques are proven effective at increasing running speed. But which one is the best?

Do You Overpronate? How To Cope With Overpronation When Running

To most runners, choosing the right running shoes can be a though decision to make. This difficulty is due to the variety of brands and models available in the market, and the shoe should also fit the runner’s foot type; it’s why the expensive shoe is no always the best option for many. Runners who overpronate need special shoes that fit their unique condition. What is overpronation? First you need to learn what is pronation? Pronation is a normal part of the running process; it happens when the foot hits the ground as the weight gets shifted to the front of the foot and you push off from the toes.

Increase Running Speed – 3 Tips On How to Run Faster Now!

Running speed is major concern to many runners. As a result, many runners try out different approaches and strategies to improving their running speed; some enroll in a weight lifting classes while others join seek professional advice by going to running clubs and training under specific conditions.

Does Looking Fit Equal Being Fit?

Many people are concerned about how they look and this is determined by the body and figure. This has left many people in the plight of looking for the right way to look and be fit. The belief that looking fit= being fit is true. The more you look fit; you will feel fit and therefore be happy about your health and appearance.

Best Aerobic Exercise: Benefits of Jogging

Jogging is the best aerobic exercise because it initiates a cascade of physiological changes that trigger your body to burn enormous amounts of stored body fat. But the real benefits of jogging are that it makes you look and feel years younger.

My Body Talks to Me

Hitting the road! Got my slightly pulled groin taped, my surgically repaired right knee in a soft brace, and my ultra-high-tech-heel pads in my shoes! In my mind I look like a warrior ready for battle. Really I look more like an old man desperate to follow his cardiologist advice and keep moving.

Staying Fit By Doing Aerobic Exercises At Home

Performing regular aerobic exercises has a lot of benefits especially when it comes to your health. You will be physically fit and it would have a good effect on how you view yourself. At home, you can have a schedule of your own exercise so that you will stay fit and healthy.

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