30 Min Mobility and Cardio HIIT Workout (extreme calorie burner) | With Warm Up and Cool Down

4 Aerobic Secrets For Fat Loss Without Losing Muscle

Using aerobics for fat loss without losing muscle is very important otherwise you will never get a well-toned, leaner, sexier body. Here are 4 things you must know.

Aerobic Fat Loss Secrets

Aerobic fat loss secrets that will change you from a complete newbie into a seasoned fitness guru. The most important things you need to know are the following.

Cardio Kickboxing Top 10 Questions

This article answers the top 10 questions about Cardio Kickboxing. Cardiod kickboxing is a hybrid of boxing, martial arts and aerobics done rhythmically to music. Cardio kickboxing is also known as aerobic kickboxing or fitness kickboxing. Offering an intense cross-training and total-body workout it utilizes the training routines used by martial artists in the sports of boxing and kickboxing. The objective is not to make a “fighter” out of you, but rather to give a balanced and fun overall program that combines a cardio aerobic workout with the techniques for self-defense.

Pick A Cardio – Any Cardio

People do not like cardio. Let’s face it. It’s sweaty, tedious and can be hard. By now people know they can make their 15-45mins more enjoyable by listening to music, watching TV or people watching (tsk tsk) but I’ve noticed people seem to shy away from equipment they don’t know. Using new equipment keeps your mind interested and your body guessing.

Forget 220 Minus Age

How hard should you exercise? Is there an easier way than the “220-age” rule?

How to Lose Exceptional Amount of Weight with Aerobics – Essential Facts You Must be Aware of

There are several diets, exercise programs and plans out there but nothing can get you great results with weight loss but aerobics. But the problem is that many people out there don’t know the perfect way to go about it therefore they never end up losing any weight at all. You see this is the reason why it becomes an absolute necessity to know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to aerobics and weight loss. Read on to discover some of the most essential facts you must be aware of…

Just Say NO To Plateaus! Cardio Edition

A fitness plateau is when your same old routine isn’t showing results anymore. Or worse you’re losing hard earned work by gaining weight or losing muscle. This happens because we are creatures of routine and habit. In addition to that, we don’t like to be uncomfortable or hurt ourselves. Humans are beings of pleasure, not pain.

Aerobic Exercises As A Method Of Getting Fit

Aerobic exercises are one of the best ways of loosing a few pounds and staying fit. It is an enjoyable way to stay healthy and energetic all through the day.

Top 3 Tips For Great Cardio Workouts

I’m going to share with you my three top tips for having great cardio workouts. Being someone who gets bored out of my mind doing traditional cardio, as well as a trainer who deals with cardio exercise issues everyday with clients, I have a unique perspective on this.

When To Use What Type Of Cardio

This article explains low intensity and high intensity cardio. After reading you will understand the benefits of both and when to use them.

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