30 MIN – NO JUMPING INTENSE SWEATY HIIT/Full Body Fat Burning Workout + Warm up and Cool Down

The Right Apparel For Your Aerobics Workouts

You don’t need special clothes when you do your aerobics workout, but you need to understand what to wear to maximize your workout benefits, and this is especially important in the shoes you wear.

The Importance of Aerobic Activity

In order to achieve optimal effectiveness in any weight-loss program it is a good idea to include some aerobic activity in it, and anyone who has done that will attest that it’s an absolute necessity. Combining a sensible diet with a high-quality workout always makes the difference between fighting with extra weight and defeating its resistance and getting rid of it.

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary heart disease is a condition that arises from increased amounts of atheromatous plaques that gather within the arteries. Many people who develop this condition may not begin showing symptoms until years after they developed the disease.

Aerobic Exercise Doesn’t Work

You may find that surprising but it’s true. Aerobic exercise actually burns muscle and fat and lowers your metabolism. Anything that causes us to lose muscle is undesirable, when you consider that as we age we lose 30% of our muscle anyway, roughly 1-2% per year. We can’t afford to lose anymore. This muscle loss will be increased greatly if a low calorie diet is used in conjunction with aerobic exercise. Read on…

Aerobics DVD – Insider Tips

I bought my first aerobics DVD 3 years ago, and have not used it since. I don’t remember what it was named – I have since misplaced it somewhere in the back deferral of my home, and have not seen it in months, but I do remember some things about it. It was bright pink, and had some smile guy in spandex and big hair on the cover, recounting you to get thin.

Summer Aerobics Can Be a Killer

Increased air temperatures and humidity cause increased heart rates. Consequently, it takes less effort to elevate the heart rate to achieve a training effect. Overdoing it in summer heat is not only dangerous, it’s unnecessary.

Daily Tips for Acne Prevention

For an acne-afflicted person, the skin disorder may bring tremendous embarrassments. This also may lessen his self-esteem and may trigger him to stay away from people. Therefore it is but essential t…

Keep Your Heart Healthy Naturally With Cardio E-Z

An oral chelation supplement that was developed by Dr. Donsbach in 1997, Cardio E-Z is a product that is used to help with cardiovascular and heart health. It contains several vitamins and antioxidants such as EDTA, CoQ10, etc., in order to help maintain a healthy heart.

The Treadmill – The Best Calorie Burner?

My trainer says that the cross-trainer is better as it works the upper and the lower body. In your opinion, who is right? Or could my technique be wrong?

Monitor Your Exercise Intensity – The Talk Test

Known as the TALK TEST, it is basically your ability to TALK during your cardio workout, and believe it or not – it can actually help you determine how hard you’re working. Sounds too simple? That’s because it actually is.

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