30 Minute Cadence HIIT Indoor Cycling Cardio Workout (Intermediate Spin Class)

What Is Interval Fitness Training And How It Benefits You

Interval fitness training is the best way to burn calories while doing cardio activity. Find out how you can add interval fitness training to your current program and how it will benefit you.

Why Use An Elliptical Trainer?

Elliptical Trainers have become mainstream fitness equipment. Schwinn, Nordic Track, Vision Nautilus, Tunturi, Life Fitness Horizon Vision, Reebok and many manufacturers provide good quality equipment. Find the right elliptical trainer that meets your fitness needs.

Improve Your Fitness Level Through Calisthenics

How Do You Know if You’re Physically Fit? Yes you do regular morning exercises like a 20-minute walk in the park, jumping jacks and jogging. But how can you be sure if you are really considered as a physically fit person?

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Fitness Inside and Out!

Cardiorespiratory fitness training is a kind of exercise that enhances the capacity of both the circulatory and respiratory systems to provide adequate amounts of oxygen to the skeletal muscles. In the process, a healthy heart is produced as oxygen is sufficiently circulated all throughout the body.

Jumping Rope: A Great Exercise for Getting a Great Body

Jumping rope is a cardio-vascular exercise, which means it is great for weight loss and a healthy heart. It will help to develop your muscles and joints. It is an effective type of fat burning exercise. About 10 minutes of jumping rope will burn off as many calories as 30 minutes spent running.

Heart Rate and Rate of Perceived Exertion

How to determine optimum & healthy cardiovascular exercise. Two ideals to follow while exercising.

3 Common Myths about Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise, or aerobic exercise, is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. It is known to strengthen the heart muscles, improve respiration, provide muscle tone, reduce the risk of heart disease, and increase bodily energy and endurance. So it’s not surprising that a lot of people are into cardio exercise. What is surprising is how even fitness buffs still believe in certain myths about cardiovascular exercise. In this article, I will examine some common myths about cardio exercise.

From Exercise To A Healthy Lifestyle

Regular exercise provides many benefits to your lifestyle so if possible you should try to make this a priority in your daily life. Exercise to a healthy lifestyle, your improving health will thank you for the sacrifice.

The Difference Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises

Learn the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Many people mistakenly believe that all vigorous forms of exercise are aerobic in nature. We define the differences and benefits of both as part of a healthy fitness program. If you’re just getting started on an exercise regimen, this information will help you sort out the difference between the two and tailor your workouts accordingly.

Getting Rid Of Love Handles – Back To Basics!

We all hate that layer of fat that sits around the mid section better known as love handles, right? And come on, every one knows how embarrassing it is too wear a bathing suit or to take off you shirt at the beach with all that fat hanging around your mid section.

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