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Are You Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Goals With Your Cardio Routine?

As a personal trainer, I tend to approach new fitness trends, gimmicks, and equipment with a skeptical eye. I don’t believe there is best way to workout or a best piece of equipment. This is an ever changing industry and if you aren’t willing to change with it, you will be left in the dust. I do focus on what things give you the best results today. What was considered the best way to do things yesterday has most likely changed. One example of this is low intensity, long duration cardio.

The Sickest Cardio Workout on the Planet!

Are you wanting to take your cardio body fat burning workout to a whole new place? If so then take a minute to read this article to learn about the sickest cardio workout on the planet!

The Swing – The Number 1 Cardio Exercise For Women Wanting a Hard Body!

If you are a woman that is serious about developing a hard body and wanting to learn about the best cardiovascular exercise you can do then check out this article. Permit yourself a minute to read and apply the following cardio exercise that I have included in this article to burn fat and develop the hard body you have always wanted!

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular means any exercise, which trains the heart, which could include something simple, such as walking, cycling, running, rowing, gardening, dancing, skipping, skiing, and house work, to name just a few activities. Cardiovascular training burns many calories because the largest muscles are used. Any form of cardiovascular training may include the best diet pills, which are included on the diet pill review websites.

How to Avoid Getting Shin Splints

Shin splints are a bane on any runner, from those that run long distances to the short distance sprinters. They can come out of nowhere, and are usually only realized once the running is over. Since shin splints can put you out of commission for awhile, its important to know how to effectively combat them and keep yourself running.

Heart Pulse Rate – How to Measure Yours

Keeping track of your heart pulse rate is an important way to track your overall fitness level. There are various ways to do it, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Check out this breakdown to see which would suit you best.

Do Cardio and Live Better, Feel Better, and Live Longer Too

You want to live healthy but has no time to do regular gym workouts? Well, a solution that can be done every day without need for expensive brand-new gym equipment is here. It is called aerobic exercises, activities that make your body use oxygen as fuel and to burn up carbohydrates and fat.

The Health Benefits of Aerobics

Aerobic exercise covers any activity which raises a person’s metabolism. For many people who take part in aerobics, their primary motivation is to improve their appearance through weight loss and better muscle tone. But aerobic exercise is also extremely beneficial to a person’s health, making it something which everyone should incorporate into their routine several times a week.

Aerobic Water Exercises For the Elderly Person

There is no doubt that as people start to age a lot of them think that perhaps ,and in some cases have been given the impression, that they won’t be able to participate in any activities and won’t be able to do anything much at all. For the most part most people come to realise that this is a myth and certainly has very little truth.

My Weight Loss Treadmill Workout

A great exercise for people who want to lose weight fast on a treadmill without running An all walking workout that resulted in me losing twelve pounds in the first two weeks.

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