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Fitness Aerobics – How to Get a Great Aerobic Workout at Home

Fitness Aerobics is still a great weight loss exercise option today and as long as you are careful in how you perform them, it is one of the best cardio workouts available. Because of doctor’s concerns over this type of weight loss program’s effects on the body’s joints, aerobics are now done using low-impact movements. It strengthens your muscles, gives you energy, and gives you an overall feeling of being healthier.

Heart Rate Zones

If you are an experienced spinner, or just a beginner, you’ve without question seen and heard of heart rate zones. Every spinning class I’ve ever been a part of talks about heart rate zones and reaching certain zones for a period of time. But, nobody really ever explained them to me. Here is a simple run down of heart rate zones as they relate to training and spinning.

What Cardio Exercises Are Recommended For Fat Loss?

To get rid of fat you need a calorie deficit. So you need to burn more calories than you consume. Exercising and dieting are the two methods how a calorie deficit can be achieved. It is always better to burn more calories with exercise than it is to cut calories with strict diets.

Does Too Much Cardio Make You Lose Muscle?

A misconception that just does not go away is that you will lose muscle, if you do cardio training. So many people are worried about losing the muscle that they worked so hard to get, that they avoid cardio. Is it really possible to lose large amount of muscle whilst doing cardio?

How to Workout Smarter, Not Harder!

Are you still stuck in the imaginations that you need to spend several hours in the gym working out for getting results and burn fat? Forget about that! New studies have shown that short but efficient workout routines are better than those long hours in the gym.

Advantages of Cardio Interval Training

Are you amongst those people suffering from heart risks or threats? Do you smoke; have high blood pressure and cholesterol? If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, your risk of having a heart attack is twice that of a nonsmoker. If you smoke, have hypertension, and eat a diet high in fats without any exercise at all, your risk is five times greater than normal!

Cardio Exercises – Check Your Heart Rate

This article discusses about the cardio exercises and its importance. This article also provides a link at the end about the top 10 cardio exercises which will yield good results.

Muscular Endurance Training

Increase your stamina with muscular endurance training, short bursts of exercise and the long tedious endurance are both beneficial to the heart, don’t think the endurance training is only for marathon athletes simply playing football, swimming or cycling is classed as endurance training. It has been found that a person who cycles stationary at a moderate intense speed for 40-60 minutes 3 days a week or 6 sets of shorter busts at 30-40 seconds allowing a recovery period of 4 minutes improves the arteries function and helps prevent the risk of disease.

Cardio Workout Routines

If like me you try exercise on a daily or weekly basis to keep yourself in shape and in good health, set yourself a goal with cardio workout routines to develop stamina and overall fitness, by changing your lifestyle incorporating cardio exercise it helps to strengthen the heart, lungs and keeping you in tip top shape. For beginners don’t jump right in there and try to do everything right away you don’t want to cause an injury to yourself, start of gradually by walking and building it up to jogging, getting…

Weight Loss Tips For Improving Your Cardio

I know that we all hate to do it, but doing cardio is something you need to include in your workout routine to effectively lose weight. Just eating right and lifting weights will only do so much. But how many of you have found that cardio can be really boring? Well, read the tips below and make it more exciting!

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