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The Shocking Truth About Cardio!

Discover the shocking truth about conventional cardio. For years we’ve been led to believe that steady state cardio is great for our heart and lungs. The fact is, it might be doing you more harm than good…

Aquatic Exercise is Beneficial to Weight Loss

Generally when you think of aquatic exercising, thoughts of rehabilitation for injuries or cross-training come to mind. But really aquatic exercise can benefit everyone. Water workouts are used for relaxation, maintaining weight loss and cardio training, and because of the resistance of the water, they can be greater workouts than land exercises to aid your weight loss.

My Cardio For Great Looking Abs

Why is it so important to do cardio? You won’t get abs without Cardio.

Find Your Cardio Exercise

Cardio-vascular oriented exercise is crucial for your health. This article shows you some of the ways you can get your cardio and enjoy it too.

Water Aerobics – A Must Try Exercise That is Perfect For the Old and the Overweight

Water or aqua aerobics is conducted both in chest-deep waters and also in deep waters. When these exercises are performed in deep water, it is important to use flotation devices.

Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness is a body’s ability to endure and sustain an activity that causes the heart to work at 70 to 80 percent for a prolonged time. Aerobic activities include walking, running, stair-climbing, swimming, dancing and biking as well as many others; anything that elevates the heart to an aerobic level and maintains it for a minimum of 12 minutes.

Fitness Circuit Training

Traditionally, circuit training programs were developed to increase muscular endurance and included exercises to help improve muscular endurance such as the bench press, push-ups, leg press and sit-ups. Fitness circuit training will take you through a series of exercise stations, with short rest periods between each station. The amount of stations can range 4 to 10.

Five Positive Benefits of Cardio Training!

Cardio training is something everyone can do. This article gives you the positive benefits of cardio training as well as the recommendations you need to complete a workout that actually will give you the benefits you are looking for. Have fun enjoy what you are doing and keep a positive attitude are the keys to achieving all of your fitness goals. Diet and exercise are used in combination for a healthy lifestyle any one can have if you just take the needed step and get started. You must want to do this for yourself.

How Aerobics Can Help You Become Fitter

Aerobics is becoming more and more popular. Find out more about aerobic fitness.

Aerobic Routines

Aerobic exercise will help you to improve your overall health, increase your metabolism and shed excess body fat, and with the variety of aerobic routines, a person is sure to stay interested. Varied routines are available for the beginner, intermediate and the advanced and often the routines can cross fitness levels.

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