30-minutes HIIT workout

Cardio For Weight Loss – How Much Do You Need?

How much and what kind of cardio should you do if your goals are losing weight and permanently keeping it off? First of all, just cardio may not do it. You may need to modify your diet as well.

Do Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight Faster

If you want to lose weight and give a pleasant shape to your body in a record time you should start doing more cardio exercises. Cardio exercises done at the right intensity are one of the best ways of burning the excess fat really fast.

Cardinal Workout Principles For Success

When bodybuilders reach the intermediate and advanced levels of training, they tend to forget the basics, and get carried away by their biased training techniques. If that sounds familiar to you, then this article is for you; remind yourself of the basic tenets on which bodybuilding success is anchored. For the beginners, the article is ideal in identifying, explaining and introducing the same to you, now that you have joined the quest for muscles and strength.

Why Cardio is Great For Weight Loss

This is an article on why cardio works great for losing weight. Those reading this article will get information on cardio and why it works so well.

Avoid These 2 Cardio Mistakes

So many times people don’t derive the benefits from a well structured cardio program because they are incorrectly advised to focus on the wrong variables. I’ll tell you the two most common mistakes and how to avoid them so that you can maximize the benefits.

Your Cardio Routine is Keeping You Fat – Here’s How to Fix it

If your cardio routine consists of long, boring jogging sessions that you repeat every other day, it’s time you learn the truth about cardio and fat loss. You’ve probably seen little to no results, so here’s what really works.

Killer Cardio With a Cannonball!

If you want to learn about a killer way to develop superior cardiovascular fitness to give you the edge you need to be in tip top shape then check out this article. Permit yourself a minute to read how you can develop superior cardiovascular fitness with the iron kettlebell!

Water Aerobics and Other Water Exercise

Water aerobics classes are like standard aerobics but in are performed in the water. It’s tougher to move in water due to its resistance and the water also protects you from any impacts. These classes are great for increasing muscle tone and also often recommended as part of physical therapy, for example when recovering from injury or surgery. Other variations include hydospinning, water ballet, and water yoga.

Step Aerobics For a Fitness Primer

After a quarter of a century hanging around gyms and health clubs, I decided it was time to check out step aerobics. Part of the impetus may have been that at my current club I can see the classes, and saw that there was a wide cross section of people taking the classes, including people like me. I also thought a class, and I’m primarily a solo workout guy, might make my aerobics workouts more regular. Here’s what I found.

In-Line Skating For Fitness and Fun

In-line skating is a great way to workout. It can give you a great aerobic workout as well as toning your legs and rear end. Most people find it fun because it’s fast and varied. You control where you go as you glide, curve, spin and sprint. There are even off road skates with big knobby tires, but they’re not recommended for beginners.

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