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Cardio And Mental Training Secrets – The Top 5 Jedi Mind Tricks For Better Cardio Training

Training your mind is an essential part of any training program, in fact, it is the key for achieving long-term success and achieving your weight loss goals. Her are 5 mind tricks for better mind training…

Aerobic Exercise – How It Boosts Your Health

Do you know how aerobic exercises make you healthier? Well, there are 3 benefits you can bring into your life if you do aerobics.

When to Replace Running Shoes – 3 Tips On When To Change Your Running Shoe

The right running shoes are the most valuable piece of training in your running program. And when we find what works for us, we fall in love and cling to it. Well running shoes have also an expiration date, and you need to learn when pair of shoes is inappropriate for running. Then it’s time to break up and seek a new sole mate. Here are a few reasons to ask yourself when thinking about pulling the plug on your beloved running shoes.

Looking to Buy a Pedometer?

If you are interested in purchasing a pedometer, there are a few things that you should consider before buying one. Including how they work and what features you should consider.

How To Run On a Treadmill – 5 Tips For Better Running Training On The Treadmill

The treadmill machine is one of the most precious fitness equipments you can add to your arsenal. Running g on the treadmill can be fun and challenging, and you no longer have to be dependent on weather conditions to do your workout – you just have one installed at home and off you go. But purchasing a treadmill doesn’t assure the attainment of the desired outcomes – especially when it comes to weight loss. Therefore, I ‘m about to spill the beans and give you a full 5 secrets for getting the most out your training program and enjoying the best shape of your life.

How to Lose Weight on a Treadmill – 30 Minutes Treadmill Interval Training For Instant Fat Loss

Interval treadmill running is the surest way to fight the boredom many runners struggle with when training indoor. This type of training can make your workout more challenging and fun. It is also the shortcut for rapid weight loss-many beginners can burn fat easily on the treadmill when doing intervals. Why interval training? Well there are many reasons that make treadmill interval running so beneficial. Interval running is a form of high intensity training; this type of exercise creates an after burn effects that boosts metabolism rated through the roof. Consequently, you will be burning calories even when asleep.

Proper Running Technique – How To Improve Your Running Posture For A Better Cardio Workout

Running injuries are very common among both elite and recreational runners. Although no one can deny the benefits of running, you should also be careful and take adequate care of yourself. And the best way to sustain an injury-free running program is by developing a good running posture. Why? You may ask. Well, the main cause of running injuries is bad running form, and the cornerstone of good running mechanics is the proper posture. When you have a good posture, your body will work more efficiently, your muscles will not expand as much energy, and you will be able to run further, faster and with less pains and injuries. Without further ado; here are the most common traits of a first-class running posture:

Types Of Runs For Training

Whether you want to run a race this season, or you are just looking to improve your daily run, try these techniques to improve speed, endurance, and recovery. Types of Runs for Training Tempo The tempo run is used for endurance. This is the run most hobby runners do everyday.

Training Toward Race Day Succes

Evey city is filled with numerous walking, cycling and running races. It’s an exciting time for athletes, and hobby exercise enthusiasts, as we train our way to race day, and across the finish line. Here are TEN Tips – Training Toward Race Day Success

Cardio-Cross – Cross Training For Running

Training for a running race is hard work! Many runners believe to be a great runner, you should always run. I mean, you’re not going to finish the race on a bike, so why cycle? While it’s true that running should be the main priority, there will be times the body needs a break, but a trainee will want to continue to progress their cardiovascular capacity, while strengthening running and non running muscles. Cardio exercise to compliment a running training program.

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