Cardio Fitness Training Basics

Cardio fitness training is a fundamental part of any exercise program. The words “cardio” is interchangeable with “aerobic” and is short for “cardiovascular”. Improvement in the ability of the heart to deliver oxygen to the muscles and in the muscle’s ability to generate energy with oxygen results in increased aerobic fitness.

Aerobics For Beginners

You have decided that you want to start aerobic exercises. Congratulations! This decision could just about be one of the best decisions you have made in your life and you are about to become much more healthy.

How Much Cardio Do I Really Need?

The actual amount of cardiovascular training that one person needs is really going to depend on the individual. Although there are tremendous benefits from being on a cardiovascular training program, I don’t agree that everyone “needs” it.

Top Back Care Tips For Specific Aerobic Activities

Aerobic exercise is an activity that elevates your heart rate and increases your oxygen consumption. To prevent unnecessary strains on your back and to improve the strength and endurance of your muscles, it is worthwhile to give these tips a try.

Aerobic Exercise Is The Way To Good Health

Aerobic exercise is any activity that elevates your health rate and increases your oxygen consumption. If you have performed aerobic activities regularly, you will notice a difference in your health and fitness level.

Aerobic Exercises To Target The Abdomen

It has been said lots of times before and we should all know that we need to be doing aerobic exercises, or indeed, at least taking a brisk walk at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Whatever your fitness level is, you are going to be feeling healthier and look healthier too. A lot of the people who are feeling depressed, or are unhealthy, will not be doing aerobic exercises.

Is That My Body Talking?

Your body may talk to you in a number of ways when it comes to your health and fitness. Have you ever done repetitive exercises for a period of time and experienced a burning sensation? This sensation is from the build up of lactate and excess hydrogen ions in the muscles. It is signaling you to slow down and allow your muscles to get the necessary oxygen…

Training for Playing Lacrosse at Altitude

Could you play better Lacrosse if you paid more attention to your ph? Learn about ph and training and playing to at altitude. Or, simply learn how ph can apply to improve you game right where you live!

Why I Love Water Aerobics

The author describes the benefits of water aerobics, her exercise program of choice. In my experience, water aerobics are the best form of exercise.

Jump for Life

Jump rope exercises help to develop muscular and cardio endurance as well as helping you become more agile, coordinated and have stronger muscles. Also increasing your fast twitch muscles that’s why most football and basketball athletes tend to train with jump ropes. Boxers do it as a must for the cardio and agility. There are many athletes who skip rope as part of their training and there are many people who take part in rope jumping competitions. If you ever get to see one of these competitions you will be amazed at the different jumping techniques

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