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Reap the Many Sauna Benefits

Despite popular opinion, sauna benefits extend well beyond the relaxation and de-stressing that most associate with the experience. Having an escape from today’s stressful world is nothing to thumb your nose at, yet there are far more benefits of sauna that you should be aware of. Once you realize all of the potential rewards, you may just decide to go out and buy one for yourself, as more and more people around the world are doing.

Atherosclerosis – Blocking or Narrowing of the Arteries

Atherosclerosis can affect arteries anywhere in the body, but most life threatening is when it blocks up the heart arteries or the arteries supplying blood and oxygen to the brain. No artery in the body is safe from atherosclerosis and may effect: the heart, the brain, the legs and intestines. There are often no early symptoms of athersclerosis, the first perhaps being a heart attack. It is vital therefore that you are aware of the risk factors and make lifestyle changes where possible to minimize your risk of atherosclerosis and other associated conditions.

The Biggest Cause Of Death In The Western World!

Two of the biggest causes of death in the Western world are heart disease and atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis clogs up the hearts arteries and is then known as coronary artery disease or heart disease. Heart disease may develop slowly and the first symptom may be a heart attack. Some people develop arrhythmia and suffer from dizziness and heart palpitations.

Heart Attack: Causes, Risks and Prevention

Of the numerous types of cardiovascular conditions, the one that is most likely to lead to a heart attack is what is known as Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

Angina – The Pain Is In The Heart Itself

A pain originating from the heart muscle itself is called Angina. This occurs when the blood vessels taking blood to the heart (coronary arteries), become partially blocked with fatty plaques caused by atherosclerosis (heart disease). Angina is brought on by exercise but will subside when the activity stops and the person rests. Angina will become worse over a period of time. Angina responds well to drug treatment. Once an artery has become blocked or narrowed by plaques of atheroma, there are two levels of intervention needed for reinstating blood supply to the heart muscle, either angioplasty or bypass surgery.

The Importance of Cardiovascular Training

The most important muscle in the body is the heart. Yet, many people who workout seem to think they don’t need to do cardio.

Hurricanes Considerations for Cardio Vascular and Isometric Exercising

During the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season you can expect large catastrophic and large category storms and hurricanes. If a large hurricane comes your way and you realize that evacuation is not such a good idea because

Cardio May Be a Waste of Time Without This Knowledge

Only by keeping track of your heart rate during a workout can you be sure that the intensity is enough to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness level. Your ability to monitor and interpret your heart rate is the single most important key to success in cardio training.

Top Aerobic Exercises

Everyone knows that aerobic exercises are one of the keys to efficient fat loss, but they won’t all give you equal results. Here are the top aerobic exercises which will not only help you with maximum fat loss, but can be also very fun.

Aerobics For Fat Loss

There are different kinds of aerobic exercises and each of them can be achieved with a certain intensity and longevity. But which method is the most optimal way to lose those last few pounds? Here is what you should know and which methods you should use for maximum fat loss.

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