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Does Your Aerobic DVD Gathers Dust? A Full Review

I bought my first aerobics DVD 3 years ago, and have not used it since. I don’t remember what its title was – I have since left it forgotten and dusty somewhere in the back recesses of my home, and have not seen it in months, but I do remember several things about it. It was bright pink in color, and featured some big hair, grinning guy in spandex on the cover, screaming out messaged that make you think you should get thin this instant. I thought that the aerobic DVD would inspire me to get my rear in shape, but it was not to be.

To Achieve Great Health and Wellness: Aerobic Exercise 20 Minutes a Day

Have you ever wondered how long you should do aerobic exercise each day to achieve better health and wellness? You need not wonder anymore. First, you should determine, do you want to burn fat, or just achieve good cardiovascular fitness?

The Best Cardio for Fat Loss: Part 2

So not only should you have variety within your training week (i.e. alternate between two different interval training workouts, rather than just doing the same interval workout each time), but you should also change these workouts every 4 weeks. So you need to change your training program every 4 weeks. To modify your interval training workouts, you can…

The Best Cardio for Fat Loss

Is there really a best interval training system for fat loss? Do intervals really work as well as regular cardio for fat loss? I’m going to cover these, and many more questions in Part 1 of your lessons on interval training.

For Better Health And You – An Aerobic Exercise Review

My girlfriend and I are preparing to go on a hiking trip to Glacier National Park. We are going to alternate between some camping and some staying at various small hotels and inns. I have been involved with doing some aerobic exercise my whole life, either by walking or biking. When I told my husband the plans to go on a hiking trip with my friend he laughed it away.

Improve Your Oxygen Intake

Oxygen is most essential to the body. It is an element without which life on Earth will not be possible. Every person requires a certain amount of oxygen in order to breathe and to help the functions of the body work properly, by feeding adequate amounts of oxygen to the main chemical processes that take place inside. Oxy-Gen Lemon Lime has gathered in its composition the proper amount of processed oxygen and offers the possibility of more supplementation for persons who are active or which have poor oxygen intake.

Taking The Plunge Into Water Aerobics

Water aerobics has many advantages and is great for all ages. Perhaps a water aerobic class is just what you need!

Aerobics At Home

Many of us do not have the time or perhaps the money to go to a gym to workout. There are many alternatives to joining a gym including doing aerobics in the comfort of your home.

Stay Fit to Conquer the World

Ill-health, of body or of mind, is defeat. Health alone is victory. Let all men, if they can manage it, contrive to be healthy!- Thomas Carlyle.

Aerobic Versus Resistance (Weights) Exercise to Lose Weight

“I do aerobics 3 times a week and I just don’t seem to lose weight” Does this sound familiar? Losing weight is based on a very simple principle..

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