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Do You Know the Cardio Workout That Forces Your Body to Shed Fat?

There is a whole lot of confusion out there about cardio exercises and what will actually work to help your body shed that extra fat. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or have 100 pounds to get rid of, cardio works the same for everyone. And most people are doing it terribly wrong! Find out what really works to burn the fat off your body fast in this short article.

Strength Training Vs Cardio Workouts

If you have ever visited a gym or flipped through an exercise magazine, you have probably noticed the variety of workouts and workout ideas performed. Although there are now many different styles of exercise available, such as yoga and Pilates, there are still two main camps: strength training and cardio. Although you may prefer one over the other, both have benefits and drawbacks to your health.

Learn Aerobic and Cardio Ab Workouts

Gear up with your crunch machine and schedule your abs workout for morning as well as for evening. These two ways daily workout will fastened your strengthening process. Don’t worry about your sets and rep. Concentrate on your lower, middle and upper abs workout of your body.

Indoor Cycling Classes – Five Tips For Getting the Most Benefit From Your Indoor Cycling Class

Are you a fan of indoor cycling classes? These fun, interactive workouts are becoming more and more popular because they provide a great low impact cardio session. Here are five tips for getting the most benefit from your class…

Indoor Cycling Tips – What is Rate of Perceived Exertion and Why is it Important?

If you’re an indoor cycling class participant, or maybe just getting back into a fitness groove, you may hear some new terminology being bantered around your classes. The term is rate of perceived exertion, and it is a great way to measure your effort and activity level. Let’s examine how and why it works…

3 Easy Aerobic Exercises to Help You Lose Weight, Stay Healthy and Feel Energized Everyday

As the number of people being over-weight has risen due to many reasons such as bad eating habits or lack of exercise, more and more companies are seeking to offer quick fix solutions to the marketplace. We see a lot of attractive advertisements for weight loss pills, surgeries and fad diets every day.

Does Aerobic Exercise Really Have Benefits?

Throughout our lives, we have all heard that aerobic exercise is good for us. It does not matter how old you are, what you weigh, or how athletic you might be (or not). The bottom line is that aerobic exercise helps us to live longer, healthier lives. So why do not more of us do it on a regular basis?

Indoor Cycling Class Routines – Top Five Classic Rock Songs For Cycling Classes

Are you participating in indoor cycling or spinning classes? Are you over the age of 35 or just a fan of classic rock? Here are five great classic rock songs that are perfect for your next class.

HIIT Vs LISS – Round 2

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on the pros and cons with lower intensity state state cardio vs high intensity interval training cardio. There are pros and cons to both; find out what they are here.

Our Typical Cardio Has Been Replaced by a Better Fat Burner

For years and years people have run on treadmills or outside at a moderate pace thinking the farther they go without stopping the more fat they will burn at a higher rate. Well they are partly true, but there are exercises out there that will tone your body, burn belly fat, and even add muscle without jogging another boring mile. High Intensity Interval Training is a fast and effective way to to maximize your workout and not spend your day running mile after mile.

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