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Running 101 – How To Ease Into Running, From A Former Fat Girl’s Perspective

How to get off the couch and on the road. Even out of shape girls can become runners!

Do You Know What is the Best Aerobic Exercise For Fat Loss?

OK… It has been written so much lately and it starts to feel like beating a dead horse. And I’m guilty of doing that too because I have written several articles about why aerobic or cardio exercises are not good for fat loss. So… is there really a good way to use aerobic exercises for fat loss?

How to Get Moving, Keep Fit, and Remain Motivated

The hardest part of getting into good shape and staying there is motivation. Our inspiration to stay in shape changes with the seasons. We have holidays to consider, cold winter days, and all of those gadgets of convenience which keep us from maintaining a daily routine or exercise.

Kick It Up With Cardio – You Have To Move It To Lose It!

One of my favorite topics; cardio. I love cardio. I am the cardio queen. If I can’t burn fat and increase my oxygen levels in my blood, I don’t even want to put on my workout tights.

Great Health Benefits from Simple Aerobic Activity

What do aerobics really do for you, and what are they? Learn some of the basic benefits of being active.

3 Absolutely Stunning Aerobic Exercises To Lose Fat And Burn Calories – Achieve Mind Blowing Results

Every person out there wants to get his or her body in shape fast. There are several ways to get your body in shape and lose some weight but nothing comes close to aerobics. Aerobics is one of the best and the fastest possible ways to lose weight real fast and burn calories like crazy. Read on to discover some of the most effective aerobic exercises which would help you lose weight real fast…

Best Cardio Exercises To Lose Fat Fast

Discover some of the best cardio tips to improve your fat loss results. Inside in this article I reveal the 5 best cardio exercises professional bodybuilders are using.

Get The Utmost Out Of Your Aerobics

Aerobics is one of the many options that you can use to get in shape. Unlike other methods of dieting and exercise in general, aerobics requires an amount of dedication that many people are simply too afraid to provide.

Did You Know That Aerobics is Not Very Effective For the Heart and Fat Loss?

Usually fitness trainers and MDs recommend you do easy to medium effort cardio exercise to prevent heart diseases or to lose fat. They would say something like this, do thirty to sixty minutes of constant rate aerobics three to five days a week. However, I would suggest that you throw that conventional thinking out the window before you become like those mindless robots you see on the treadmills at your health club.

Interval Training – The Mother of All Cardio Workouts

If you want to get the absolute most out of your cardio workouts in the least amount of time possible, then integrating high intensity interval training is something you should definitely consider. Be warned that this form of training is not easy and as the name states…very INTENSE!

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