Thursday training 03.06.2021: Advanced fat burning HIIT cardio workout – 30 mins.

Cardio Exercise As Part Of Medical Treatment

Cardio exercises, which are also known as aerobic exercises, are helpful to the human body in many ways. It is a good way to prevent many lifestyle diseases and other forms of sickness. Not only can it promote wellness, it is also a proven therapy for several illnesses. One of its benefits is that you will be able to lose excess body fat while you exercise. Since being obese or overweight brings a lot of diseases to your body, exercise goes a long way towards prevention. Here are some diseases that use exercise as part of their treatment.

Running Tips for Enthusiastic Beginners

Running is one of the popular workouts for beginners because most anyone can participate in the activity, but just because you learned to run at a young age that doesn’t mean that you should jump into a routine without a game plan. If you do, you run the risk of injury.

Extreme In Home Cardio!

In home cardio workouts shouldn’t be easy. This is especially the case if you are a RESULTS oriented person. If you are a RESULTS oriented person like me and want to learn about what in home cardio workouts work the best then you need to tune in and read the rest of this article.

Does Early Morning Fasted Cardio Really Burn More Fat?

This subject will probably keep being debated on for many generations to come, “does early morning fasted cardio really burn more fat?” Let’s look at some facts before you decide whether it does or doesn’t.

Cardio At Home For Weight Loss

This article talks about how you can do cardio at home for weight loss, without any equipment. If you don’t like going to the gym or if you’re on the road, this is a great way to do you cardio. You can get as intense as you want or you can choose to be more relaxed, you have more control.

The Best Cardio For Weight Loss

This article is about the best cardio for weight loss. The conventional way of cardio is long and steady. There is another method of doing cardio for weight loss that only takes 4 minutes per session that produces much better results than conventional cardio. This method is called the Tabata Protocol.

Cardio – The Swimming Workout

If you are looking to find an excellent exercise program that will give your entire body an amazing workout, yet still be gentle on your joints, you should try the swimming workout. You will utilize many different strokes and swimming styles in the swimming workout. This will help you to work different muscle groups in different ways, providing you with a well-rounded and beneficial workout. The particular swimming workout that we are going to highlight today features three specific strokes, however you can choose one or two you prefer if you don’t want to do all three. Just make sure you change up your routine every now and again to improve your results.

Zumba Music List – Top 7 Artists and Most Popular Songs

Here is the ultimate Zumba music list. There’s quite a few songs that are popular to use for this dance workout. In this article, you will discover the top 7 artists and the most popular Zumba songs that are available for download.

Studies Reveal Interval Training Music Benefits

Are you aware that your performance can be enhanced when listening to the right style of interval training music? Twelve (12) students were picked for an experiment during a study conducted in 2009. They listened to six (6) songs while riding an exercise bike. This study revealed that the student’s output increased as their tempo increased. The students were unaware of the changes in tempo listed below.

Zumba – A Great Way to Exercise

Those extra pounds have been bothering you for quite some time now, however, you cannot motivate yourself to do something about it. Whenever you hear the word workout, you only see the difficulty, sweat, late results and the muscle soreness that comes after. If this sounds like you, then you surely did not hear of that amazing combination of aerobic and fitness moves called Zumba. Zumba is that spark of hope that you have been waiting for all this time, because it can help you get the results you want in less than two weeks. Moreover, Zumba can bring the fun into your workout routine and what can be more exciting than dancing.

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